Pharmacogenomics Study

The Right Drug, Right Dose, Right Time – Using Genomic Data to Individualize Treatment (RIGHT) protocol uses genetic information stored in genes to identify DNA differences among patients; and document in the medical record how these variants affect an individual's response to certain drugs.

The study used the Pharmacogenomics KnowledgeBase (PharmGKB) catalog to identify genes with high impact in pharmacogenomics. The genes were chosen to include those that mediate drug metabolism and transport.

DNA can help researchers determine if patients have genetic variants that play a role in how their body responds to certain prescription drugs, such as if certain patients:

  • Need a lower or higher dose
  • Are at increased risk of side effects
  • Could experience life-threatening reactions

In addition to guiding individual care, this study may also identify new genetic variants related to how people’s bodies respond to prescription drugs.


This study has already recruited all eligible participants who were:

  • Enrolled in the Mayo Clinic Biobank
  • Residents of Minnesota’s Olmsted, Dodge, Goodhue, Wabasha, Winona, Mower and Fillmore counties
  • Assigned to receive primary care from a clinician in one of Mayo’s Internal Medicine Clinics (For example, Primary Care Internal Medicine, Family Medicine)
  • Able to provide informed consent

During the study, participants had a blood draw taken and processed in CLIA-approved conditions. From these blood samples, genetic testing will look for genes related to how the patient’s body responds to the some prescription drugs. This information is added to their medical record. This information is used by health care providers to aid in decisions about which drugs and what dosages to prescribe.

A packet of materials, including a letter of invitation to participate, materials explaining the project and two copies of the consent form were mailed to selected participants. Those who accepted the invitation are consenting to the addition of genomic data in their medical record.


Patients, referring physicians and research collaborators can obtain information about the RIGHT protocol by calling 855-678-0741.

You can also contact the Center for Individualized Medicine for information on other studies and trials.

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Grants from the National Human Genone Research Institute and the National Institutes of Health (NIH), along with generous donors, sponsors and benefactors make this study possible. Your gift supports research to apply the principles of individualized medicine to improve the effective practice of pharmacogenomics.

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