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Preparing for your appointment

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To help you prepare for your appointment in the Individualized Medicine Clinic, please collect information about the diseases and other medical conditions of your blood-related family members. This includes your parents, sisters, brothers, grandparents, children and grandchildren.

  • Bring copies of any previous genetic test results for you, your child, or other biological relatives.
  • If the appointment is for a child, both parents should attend the appointment if possible.

Family history forms are available to help organize this information. Fill out the appropriate form as completely as possible and bring it to your appointment. The genetic counselor will review the form in detail with you at your appointment.

Forms to help you prepare for your appointment in the IM Clinic:

Making an informed decision about whether or not to have an Individualized Medicine Clinic evaluation is personal and depends on your goals and values related to health, illness, disease and family relationships.