Our Programs

Programs and projects in the Center for Individualized Medicine use genomic tools to help clinicians personalize medicine and improve patient care.

Biomarker Discovery

Discovers molecular markers using cutting-edge genomic tools and techniques used to diagnose disease, individualize patient care and identify novel treatments


Quickly moves discoveries from lab to patient care using practical, efficient genomic tests


Explores the impact of environmental factors on how genes are expressed


Explores genetic code of the body's microorganisms to identify microbiome genomes used to detect, diagnose and understand infections and other diseases


Studies how variations in genes affect response to medications, helping predict drug efficacy, guide dosing and improve patient safety


Develops ethically robust strategies for integrating genomic technologies into medicine and research with a focus on the best interests of patients


Processes, analyzes and interprets genomic sequencing data


Collects, processes, stores and manages biospecimens, including tissue, blood, urine, DNA and RNA from research volunteers

Information Technology

Provides data warehousing and computational resources, including high-speed servers for identifying genomic variants and storing information

Medical Genome Facility

Provides efficient access to advanced genomic technologies